Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cat are the best pet


Lot of families have pets but I reckon that the very best pet is a cat.They are easier to look after and you don't need heaps of food. You can teach them tricks. Read on to find out that cats are the very best pet.

Cats are easy to look after. You dont have to put them in a cage. When they know their way around the house you can let them go outside.  
You don’t have to tie them up and you don’t need a fenced property.

Cats only need a bit of food they only need cat biscuits cat bowls and jelly meat. You can give them a hand full of cat biscuits in the morning but not every morning. You  give them a packet of jelly meat at night but still don't need to give them it every night.

The last reason is you can teach them tricks like climbing, jumping and chasing. But don’t do it heaps as they will get angry and it will tease them. My cat Cleo can do all of them and she can roll over and she loves it when Mum vacuums her with the vacuum cleaner.

I also think you should not get a dog. You will have to take them for walks and they keep you awake all night so you get no sleep and the neighbours will not like you.  

Now you can go and get a cat from your nearest pet shop or the SPCA and make sure they are micro chipped so you can find them if they go missing. They can do tricks, they are easy to like after and they are cheap to.  

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  1. Well Done Ollie!
    Keep up the amazing work


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