Thursday, September 25, 2014

Optimist Yachting reflection


Dear Diary I have being having a blasting time kayaking. It was a bit too windy to go on the yachts  so I went on the kayaks. The kayaks were a bit easier to go on. One of the scarey moments was when we were on an angle while going full speed in the yachts.  


On Friday it was not as windy so I got to go by my self. It was really quiet going by my self on the yachts and a bit scary. Then the wind caught my sail and I went  faster than I wanted to go. Then I went to shore and went with another person that wanted to go. After we all ran to the kayaks. Then we put our life jackets on and then we all went kayaking. We went kayaking under the bridge. It was fun going on the kayaks but I like doing yachts better then kayaking.
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