Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Mysterious Fish

The Mysterious Fish

I was walking on the beach and then I saw the ugly fish that must have been washed up onto shore. I got so interesting I took a photo.

Suddenly it started to stare at me. It is one scary fish. Its eyes were as black as the night, it teeth were as sharp as a knife and its mouth was like it needs to go to the dentist.The fins looked like they have been off another fish. It was so ugly it needs a scrub.Then I sprint and try to catch it. 

sabre tooth boar fish.jpg


  1. Descriptive writing, Ollie. I could picture what was happening in my head!

    I liked the part where it suddenly stared at you. I also liked how that was in a new paragraph.

  2. it looks cool ollie it look fun

  3. WOW!!!! that is cool Ollie.
    Keep up great work


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