Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cat are the best pet


Lot of families have pets but I reckon that the very best pet is a cat.They are easier to look after and you don't need heaps of food. You can teach them tricks. Read on to find out that cats are the very best pet.

Cats are easy to look after. You dont have to put them in a cage. When they know their way around the house you can let them go outside.  
You don’t have to tie them up and you don’t need a fenced property.

Cats only need a bit of food they only need cat biscuits cat bowls and jelly meat. You can give them a hand full of cat biscuits in the morning but not every morning. You  give them a packet of jelly meat at night but still don't need to give them it every night.

The last reason is you can teach them tricks like climbing, jumping and chasing. But don’t do it heaps as they will get angry and it will tease them. My cat Cleo can do all of them and she can roll over and she loves it when Mum vacuums her with the vacuum cleaner.

I also think you should not get a dog. You will have to take them for walks and they keep you awake all night so you get no sleep and the neighbours will not like you.  

Now you can go and get a cat from your nearest pet shop or the SPCA and make sure they are micro chipped so you can find them if they go missing. They can do tricks, they are easy to like after and they are cheap to.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Optimist Yachting reflection


Dear Diary I have being having a blasting time kayaking. It was a bit too windy to go on the yachts  so I went on the kayaks. The kayaks were a bit easier to go on. One of the scarey moments was when we were on an angle while going full speed in the yachts.  


On Friday it was not as windy so I got to go by my self. It was really quiet going by my self on the yachts and a bit scary. Then the wind caught my sail and I went  faster than I wanted to go. Then I went to shore and went with another person that wanted to go. After we all ran to the kayaks. Then we put our life jackets on and then we all went kayaking. We went kayaking under the bridge. It was fun going on the kayaks but I like doing yachts better then kayaking.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This is art was drew by ollie and color by brock and ollie

Monday, May 12, 2014

Flax Rock

As I make it as far as I can go I start shaking like a leaf. I look down and everyone looks like ants. I do not want to get down because I’m so high. I don’t want to move. I go down one step then climb back up. I slowly take one step down. That was scary. I slowly lean back of the wall and start to slowly go down I made it. that was scary I do not think I will not get that high up.     

Thursday, April 03, 2014

How to catch an eel without using a hook

This is a presentation that Marcus and I made about how to catch an eel without using a hook because we're going to do it at camp.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


listen to ‘rimu chant’ on Audioboo

This is a Chant that Me Marcus Ben and Tristan made by AudioBoo.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


                  LOST IN THE BUSH
If you become lost or separated from the main tramping group it is important not to panic. If you do you will get yourself in more trouble.
* Stay Calm
*call for Help
*Be Safe
*Do not move from where you are

*Keep warm

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The misunderstood eel

The misunderstood eel

You might think that an eel is slimy, slippery and ugly, but this creature is more that meets the eye. Eels can be amazing creatures if you didn’t just kill it. Read this to find out why its so brilliant.

The eel is a snake like fish, there are two types of eels in New Zealand, the long tail and the short tail. Both are native to New Zealand.The long-finned eel can grow up to 2m long and can weigh 50kg. Thats heavier than most year 6 children. The short finned is smaller and lighter. Both eels are dark green to brown and they also have a silver underbelly.  Their fins are near the head so it looks like ears and they have teeth as sharp as a butcher knife but not as big. Perfect for ripping flesh.
Both eels live in freshwater and holes in creeks and rivers. Eels also go on amazing journeys from New Zealand to way out in the ocean by Tonga for the summer.
The threat of the NZ eels are fishers, loss of habitat, pollution, hunters and orcas.
L'orca inoltre รจ l'unico predatore in grado di uccidere uno squalo bianco.
Eels eat small fish, fish eggs, ducklings, mice, and any carrion that falls in the water.-Muscovy duckling.jpgGray short-tailed opossum
Life cycle
It starts from the eggs, then it goes too a larva, then glass eel, next is elver and then the adult until they lay the eggs.

So now you see why eels are amazing creatures. Next time you see an eel, take a moment to appreciate this unique fish in its natural environment.
Credit to Marcus blog check it out.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Its Not Easy Being An Apple

          Its Not Easy Being An Apple

                Its not easy having to be an apple,
being cut in half and being eaten.
Being eaten by 100’s of ants feels like being tickled.
Being forgotten in a school bag and making me brown and rotten.
Being eaten by huge teeth by humans.
Getting thrown into a rubbish bin in the horrible smell.
People rip my core off.  It makes me scream.                    
        Its Not Easy Being An Apple.



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Mysterious Fish

The Mysterious Fish

I was walking on the beach and then I saw the ugly fish that must have been washed up onto shore. I got so interesting I took a photo.

Suddenly it started to stare at me. It is one scary fish. Its eyes were as black as the night, it teeth were as sharp as a knife and its mouth was like it needs to go to the dentist.The fins looked like they have been off another fish. It was so ugly it needs a scrub.Then I sprint and try to catch it. 

sabre tooth boar fish.jpg
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