Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What is a Zombie Pig ?

What is a Zombie Pig ?

The Zombie Pigs will rip open you head and kill you if you go into their area. The Zombie Pigs are half Pig and half Zombie.

What they do all the time
There camouflaged so no one can see them. They stay in the bush until someone comes and they will bounce straight out of the bush and kill them to get there food. When they need help they have a loud howl like foxes do but a lot louder and that gives other Zombie Pigs signal that they need help.
What would you do if you came across a Zombie Pig?
I think you need to read this now!

Why is it terrifying?
It is really terrifying because it is joint with a pig at the bottom and the Zombie at the top and also that it will frighten you when they  jump out of the bush and you will get killed.

Imagine it
Imagine having a Zombie Pig walking up to you what will you feel like inside yourself?
Ollie and Liam would feel like running over it with a car or just run for your life.

Here is a photo of a Zombie Pig:

Zombie Pig Story
One time in earth there were a terrifying gang of  Zombie Pigs. The Zombie pigs always stay in a big bush for the day. They get food by jumping out of bushes and cutting humans head and killing them and they eat them. They sleep at this basement  apparently its really  hard to find but people know its in the middle of a big drop/bank. were trying to kill them because they have 64 Diamond 64 Gold 64 Emerald and 64 everything in their basement and were trying to get them to tell us. If we do find it the whole earth will be very very very very rich.

by Liam and Ollie

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