Thursday, August 01, 2013

Tui in the Tree

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Mr Moriarty gave us a book called tui in a tree. There were 7 characters. Tyrone was tui Dylan was hihi Shivom was korimako Nikitah was Riroriro Ellis was Kakariki and Tracey was Piwakawaka and I was the filmer. We had 3 practices until we got go and do the filming. It took a long long long time but it was good. We filmed it on the adventure playground.    


  1. Wow Ollie and the Justice League. I love how you did the recording Ollie, Keep it up!

  2. Amazing Ollie.You were keeping the I pad straight.Keep the work up Ollie!

  3. Awesome videoing Ollie. I liked the top view angle, looking down for a change. Videoing is never easy,keep up the good work.
    Mrs Lowe

  4. Wow - what a great effort Ollie - your skills here are growing, keep up the practice and I look forward to seeing your next outcomes.

    Cheers Ro

  5. Awesome Ollie!
    You did a great job filming!
    I like all the creative places that you have filmed at like on the playground for the tree.
    Well done:-)

  6. Well done Ollie!
    Awesome filming.
    Keep up the great work.
    I like how you did different places to film.
    Well done. :)


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