Friday, June 14, 2013

Master Chef Day 2!!!

We take the bowl and add the flour in. Next we tipped the butter in and then we finally put the last ingredient in which is the grated chocolate.
I mix the pancake mixture till it was smooth and runny , then we run out of the dining room and pour the mixture into the pan out in the shelter. We wait and we wait in the shelter till they were done.
Then “Smack” Henry had flipped the pancake over so the other side of the pancake could cook.
Once again we have to wait and wait and wait.
Then Henry and I went into the dining room to grate the chocolate and get everything ready for the judges presentation.
Then Lily and Bree comes in and then  Lily and Bree got the judges plate ready for them to taste the delightness of our Pancakes.
Bridget goes out to Ben and says “ Ben you can bring the plate in now” .
Lily gets our plates ready and then she gives our Brunch to us.
“ The V8 Jelly Beans come up” said Mr.M to us.

Then the judges tastes our  Pancakes. Over all on the brunch the V8 jelly beans won!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow Ollie those pancakes look delicacies. well done.


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